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Interview with Dean Plumlee

CSUS and Ryan Dobson

Monday, June 22, Ryan Dobson will be interviewing Dean Plumlee the National Director of Christian Surfers United States at Kor Kast on Castle Rock Radio. Ryan heads up an exciting ministry call Kor with a weekly radio show. Check out Kor online. Also, be sure to tune in Monday at noon PST or 3pm for those east coasters. You can catch it all at Castle Rock Radio.

Oh, by the way, this isn't Monday's Devo it's just an email template.

CSUS and Ryan Dobson


Aussie Christian Surfers Girls

CSA Girls rising up in QLD & SA

With a heart for the female surfers of their
region, Mel Gough (QLD) & Allie Ranson
(SA), who have been involved in Christian
Surfers for years, both felt a call to take on
leading the women’s mission in conjunction
with their RC’s & National Women’s Coordinator.

Need more info ?
Got a question ?
Got a contribution?

CSA Girls :: National Women’s Co-ordinator ::

Jodene Watling
mobile phone: 0418 823 062



U.S. Christian Surfers Conference 09

Register now!

CS Conference 09

It's here, we are stoked to announce that registration for the CSUS Conference 2009 is live! This year's conference will be held in Hermosa Beach, CA Oct. 22-24, and also marks the 25th anniversary of Christian Surfers! CLICK HERE to sign up now!

Hope Chapel's Teen Center, site of the 09 National Conference is 2 blocks from the beach, across the street from Spyder surf shop and includes an indoor skatepark so practice up! For any questions about this year's conference be sure to email at

Prep School

Be sure to remember to download an application for this year's Prep School! Dates for the school are Aug. 6-9 held in the Outer Banks, NC. and Aug. 13-16 in Huntington Beach, CA. Leadership and grom applications both available. We still need leaders as well as groms so download your applicationsHERE! Any questions email


U.S. Christian Surfers

Letter from the National Director

Letter from the National Director

Sometimes I find that I get very focused on the the small dot in front of me and miss the bigger picture. Sometimes I forget that Jesus said, HE would build HIS church and that nothing would stop it. HE went on to say that I'm simply to "remain" in HIM. It's not my job to draw the lost but merely to love them and share the Good News with them. Sometimes my days don't go so well and I think, "is Christian Surfers doing enough or doing anything for that matter?"

This week I was working on the praise reports from 2008. To me, those numbers represent faces and stories, opportunities and the "brick and mortar" of God glorifying Himself and man enjoying it. I was blessed as I added up simply one catagory - outreaches and chapter meetings. These are event where CSUS members intentionally love on people and truth goes forth. In 2008 this scenario occured 1,369 times all over the United States. Wow! God is building HIS Kingdom. I'm just glad I get be a part of it.

CS Video

CS Video

Christian Surfers will be shooting a videocoming soon to a website near you! This will be our new promotional video for you as a CS member to show to your churches, chapters, donors and anyone else who wants to know more about Christian Surfers. We need donors for this project, please CLICK HERE, and fill inVideo Project for the fund to support this crucial project financially!

Sponsorship Opportunity!

Christian Surfers is excited to announce advertising opportunities on our website! For more information about rates, location, traffic etc., contact Stan Bryson at

Chapter in Focus: Jacksonville

Chapter in Focus: Jacksonville

Hailing from N. Florida along with Gabe Kling and Asher Nolan, CS Jacksonville is a diverse group that ensures that every surfer they come across is reached with the love of Jesus.

Started back in 1996 by Jon Culbreth and Donny Oxley, original members still serve with passion and commitment while discipling a new generation such as interim director Trey Brunson. Involved in outreaches with Life Rolls On, the National Kidney Foundation and mission trips to Cuba, CS Jacksonville has a lot to share. CLICK HERE for the whole story!

Prep School

Prep School

There is still time to be involved in either the East Coast (Hatteras) or West Coast (Huntington Beach) Prep Schools! Leaders needed! CLICK HERE to sign up or for more info!

US Open Outreach coming!

US Open Outreach coming!

CS Huntington Beach and Newport Beach are organizing this year's outreach opportunity. This year's contest runs from July 18th-26th.

If you want to be involved, please contact either HB or NB at and

Walking On Water Surf Camps

Walking On Water Surf Camps

Check out the Walking on Water camps, happening July 13th-17th for ages 11-14 andJuly 20th-24th for ages 15-18. Click here for more info.


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Surfistas Cristianos Mexicanos

By: Mike AllButt & Vanessa Allbutt


¡Hola / Hello!

Greetings from Mexico. We have been in the news for all the wrong reasons of late.

Swine flu
If you were wondering how we were affected by the swine flu epidemic, the answer is we weren't at all. In fact, we have never heard of anyone even knowing anyone who was affected. So other than schools being closed down for a week and all public events cancelled or postponed, life has been very normal for us. There are several rumours going around about the government allowing the situation to be exaggerated for political reasons, but we will never really know what happened.So we continue on with life.

The rains
The wet season has started, which means lots of muggy nights and stinking hot days, until the rain comes. Then it's lots of water everywhere (carrying all the rubbish to the beaches), and more mugginess! The rains also bring more visiting surfers. Many stay for a few months to surf the big waves, so we would like to make good connections with them during their stay.

Surf contest & beach bins
The national surf contest, which was meant to take place in May, has been postponed to July, due to the influenza virus. We have been given the green light by organisers to take care of beach clean ups.

Mike has been busy locating large trash bins to place on the beach, as well as designing identification labels for each bin.
We would like to say a huge thanks to all those who contributed towards buying the trash bins.

We have received enough to purchase all the needed bins, as well as pay for the signs to label them.

We have enjoyed having three short-term teams of volunteers in recent weeks. They have been able to help out around the community in practical ways and have seen firsthand what day-to-day life is like here in Puerto Escondido. There are more teams planned for coming months, which we look forward to.

Surfers Bibles
Mike has most recently been busy assembling small Surfers Bibles to hand out to surfers. We came across these small Bibles through some friends from the US.

The Bible is smaller than a credit card, and it has ten pages with surfing pictures and Bible verses. The verses chosen talk about God being in control of the ocean and waves, of Him being mightier than the thunder of the great waters, that through Him our righteousness can be like the waves of the sea, and that we can only obtain righteousness through Jesus Christ.

We are still also hoping to have the official Christian Surfers bibles in Spanish in the next few months.

As a family we are doing well. The children continue to grow and develop well. Olivia is now 7 months old, Joel 2 1/2 and Priscila just celebrated her 4th birthday with a Princess party.

Mike heads down to the beach most days to surf and talk with the surfers. We are pleased with the good contacts and rapport that has been developed since arriving in 2007.

Bible study Vanessa is still involved in playgroup every Tuesday and takes part in the ladies Bible Study everyMonday.

We also continue to be involved in the weekly surfers Bible study every Thursday night. We are excited to have around 30 people attending each week.

The owner of our current home would like to renovate it with the view of renting it out to tourists, which means we need to look for alternative accommodation. We have some months to consider what to do, so it is not urgent for us to move just yet. This is a huge prayer point for us though, as it would be very difficult to find a house to rent that has the space we need at a reasonable price.
One option would be to build our own home on the land we bought, but we would need to find the finances to make it possible.

Praise Points:

* 10cmFor health, and quick healing for Vanessa when she had mastitis earlier in April.
* For the opportunity to serve at the national surfing contest.
* The provision of finances to purchase trash bins for the beach.
* For God's continued provision for everything we have needed, physical, emotional and spiritual (and protection from big fat scorpions).

Prayer Points:

* For unity and protection of our team, as we work together to reach the surfers.
* For opportunities to share with surfers in the upcoming contest.
* That the small surfers Bibles can be an effective way to spread the good news.
* For wisdom in deciding our future accommodation, and the faith to rest in God's provision.
* For more older children in playgroup. We have lots of babies, we need a few more 2 or 3 year olds. Poor Joel gets a bit bored for lack of playmates!
* Mike & others from here will head to a Christian Surfers regional conference in El Salvador in mid-July.

Thanks again for all your prayers, support and interest.
We appreciate you!

Adios from Mike, Vanessa, Priscila, Joel & Olivia

P.S. Vanessa celebrated her 29th birthday last week, Mike turns 35 in June and we will celebrate our 7th year of marriage.

web: | email: | skype: mvallbutt |
tel: +52-1-954-582-4038


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Men's Surfing World Tour Chaplain: Teahupoo Praise Update‏

By: Abe Andrews

Dear Friends,

First and foremost, Thank you to everyone that was praying for injured work crew guy (BM)! He was unable to walk yesterday after tweaking his back hopping of the Jet Ski.

He literally collapsed on the wharf and was bed stricken all last night. This morning we had to lift him to take him to the toilet and he was still in heaps of pain and couldn't even sit down.

The Point Sunrise

The Pad

We decided to walk him around with myself and another Billabong staff member supporting his weight to see if it would help. As I walked with him I was silently praying and within minutes he started gaining his strength back.

The Goods Boards



He was then able to sit at the table and eat some breakfast fully unassisted. By this afternoon he was walking again.

Shark fin

Pretty panorama

Post heat interviews

Panorama Road

How Awesome! Praise the Lord for such a speedy recovery. I told him how everyone was praying for him and he was so stoked (this guy is not a Christian or anything).

Continue to lift him up in your prayers and thank you for your diligence in this; it is comforting to know there are a heap of people who are keen to lift up others in prayer.

Outside Peaks

Secondly, today was the end of round 2 and the start of round 3 for the Billabong Pro Tahiti. The conditions had finally improved enough for the contest to go ahead after many lay days.

Make it

Local Wildlife

Jezza in his elment


I spent the day with some surfers caddying and supporting them in whatever they needed before their heats. It was awesome that a few of the guys I was with got through their heats.


Boat chaos


Bobby and Taj Burrow

Bobby Winner!

Bobby Stoked !

I was able to share some productive conversations with some of the surfers and my role is becoming more established amongst the top 45. We will hopefully finish the contest tomorrow and then it will be a month till the next event in Brazil.

Please continue to pray for myself as this contest draws to a close and thank you so much for supporting Lize and I over the past few weeks.

Thank you and God Bless

Abe Andrews

Men's Surfing World Tour Chaplain -
ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals)
Mission Coordinator - Gold Coast Christian Surfers