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Men's Surfing World Tour Chaplain: Teahupoo Praise Update‏

By: Abe Andrews

Dear Friends,

First and foremost, Thank you to everyone that was praying for injured work crew guy (BM)! He was unable to walk yesterday after tweaking his back hopping of the Jet Ski.

He literally collapsed on the wharf and was bed stricken all last night. This morning we had to lift him to take him to the toilet and he was still in heaps of pain and couldn't even sit down.

The Point Sunrise

The Pad

We decided to walk him around with myself and another Billabong staff member supporting his weight to see if it would help. As I walked with him I was silently praying and within minutes he started gaining his strength back.

The Goods Boards



He was then able to sit at the table and eat some breakfast fully unassisted. By this afternoon he was walking again.

Shark fin

Pretty panorama

Post heat interviews

Panorama Road

How Awesome! Praise the Lord for such a speedy recovery. I told him how everyone was praying for him and he was so stoked (this guy is not a Christian or anything).

Continue to lift him up in your prayers and thank you for your diligence in this; it is comforting to know there are a heap of people who are keen to lift up others in prayer.

Outside Peaks

Secondly, today was the end of round 2 and the start of round 3 for the Billabong Pro Tahiti. The conditions had finally improved enough for the contest to go ahead after many lay days.

Make it

Local Wildlife

Jezza in his elment


I spent the day with some surfers caddying and supporting them in whatever they needed before their heats. It was awesome that a few of the guys I was with got through their heats.


Boat chaos


Bobby and Taj Burrow

Bobby Winner!

Bobby Stoked !

I was able to share some productive conversations with some of the surfers and my role is becoming more established amongst the top 45. We will hopefully finish the contest tomorrow and then it will be a month till the next event in Brazil.

Please continue to pray for myself as this contest draws to a close and thank you so much for supporting Lize and I over the past few weeks.

Thank you and God Bless

Abe Andrews

Men's Surfing World Tour Chaplain -
ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals)
Mission Coordinator - Gold Coast Christian Surfers


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