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Surf House Fundraising Initiative

Surf Houses are a new fundraising initiative that involve a donation of 2-3 weeks accommodation per year to CSI, who, in turn, make the accommodation available for sale throughout our network. So far we have houses in New Zealand, Bali, Australia, South Africa and Peru, and more are needed. If you have any recommendations, or would like to donate a house, please contact your RC or our Surf House International Coordinator Peter Haynes from Australia, who works in the travel industry and is assisting the process. We see this as a creative way of more sustained international funding beyond donations. A dedicated website will be set up in 2015. If you want to know more about the locations currently available contact info@christiansurfers.net.

Walking On Water Surf Documentary

Walking On Water Surf Documentary, 25 Minute Version, on iTunes WOW

This is the Walking On Water 73 minute documentary edited down to 25 minutes for event screenings. For full documentary go to Itunes, Amazon, or walkingonwater.com

50th ISA World Surfing Games Peru

CSI worked alongside CS Peru to moblise a team to serve at the 50th anniversary ISA World Surfing Games at Punta Rocas. 26 nations were represented and CS leaders from USA, Australia and Peru handed out water, DVDs, Surfers Bibles and food, as well as hosting a special BBQ for the ISA officials. The team have been trusted administrators of the drug testing procedure as well. We need to raise $600 to cover the costs of the distributed Surfers Bibles and 'Beyond Sight' DVDs. To contribute donate here.

terça-feira, 30 de setembro de 2014


'Surfing For Jesus is Pura Vida' - 'Pure Life' is the translation from this classic Costa Rican saying and the conference was a taste of that! Clearly focused on Jesus with beautiful unity amongst the 220 people from 26 nations of all cultural, socio-economic and Christian backgrounds - a taste of heaven. There was awesome teaching from Britt Merrick, warm waves out front, hilarious cultural presentations, inspiring stories from the field and more. Large crosses with CS-badged logo on garbage bins were erected as a gift to multiple beaches in the area. Special thanks to Dustin Miller and Damian Boza with the amazing Costa Rican team who headed up the whole conference. Stay tuned for the next conference to be held in Australia 2016! Check out photos, reports and audio from the main sessions on our website.


É mais uma película dedicada a uma viagem e, curiosamente, com protagonistas semelhantes ao Passing Through. Jared Houston e Pierre-Louis Costes, a par de Lewy Finnegan, voltam a estar sob os holofotes com uma visita à região rural de Pascuales, quase mil quilómetros a norte de Puerto Escondido, no México. Produzido por Miller Best para a Pride Bodyboards, The Mexican Mirage é uma curta-metragem focada na ação e na lentidão dos dias sob o abrasador Sol mariachi. Também reparámos na atenção dispensada aos espasmos de party boy do Lewy Finnegan.

PRIDE BODYBOARDS presents the latest film by MILLER BEST, exposing the latest endeavours of the PRIDE international team, following them into the heart of rural Mexico in an attempt to find paradise.

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Há películas que perdoamos por não oferecerem mais do que ondas, ondas, ondas. É o caso de Hubboards – The Film. Os irmãos Hubbard são uma inspiração para o universo bodyboarder, goste-se ou não do estilo que os carateriza, pois trata-se duma dupla que puxa pelos limites do desporto e que tem uma amistosa e exemplar forma de estar no bodyboard. O filme profile destes dois manos-de-sangue, produzido por Matthew Tanaka, é apresentado em ritmo galopante, com vôos estratosféricos, ondas em diversos pontos geográficos e uma playlist eclética.

A short film about the creation of two high performance bodyboards and their journey and adventures around the globe.

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The Perfect Wave Surf Film Release

Director Bruce McDonald is stoked to present The Perfect Wave, the film covering the miraculous testimony of Ian McCormack who died in Mauritius after a box jellyfish sting. Equally miraculous is the film production and now release as it makes its way from South Africa. Walmart report ordering 250,000 copies and all include the CSI promo video as part of the extras.

Surfing in Siberia

Russian Spots: Murmansk, Kaliningrad, Saint Petersburg, Vladivostok, Kurill Islands.

SIBERIA  Kokorev Konstantin 

Paddle Against Poverty Australia

Now in its 14th year CS Wollongong in Australia attracted almost 100 paddlers, who raised over $17,000 for Compassion Australia. They have effectively transitioned a CS event into a community event facilitated by CS. The Paddle Against Poverty has become a rite-of-passage for many surfers of the local area and has broad support from Surf Lifesaving, emergency services and local council.

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Nazareth,Portugal, A giant swell hits the Portuguese coast,causing indescribable waves due to their strength and size

Rincon Drone Sessions

Rincon finally came to life after weeks, maybe even months of completely unremarkable surf. The run of swell has offered plenty of rippable, (mostly) sunny, glassy lines. Conner Coffin, Dane Reynolds and a host of locals took the place apart - not a single halfway decent wave snuck through the pack.

Best Wipeouts - Massive Teahupoo, Tahiti 2013

Check out the most impressive wipeouts in Tahiti:

 Os Melhores Caldos, Vacas no Taiti em 2013