quarta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2009

Quiksilver Pro France 2009

Abe Andrews, chaplain to the ASP pro surfers, reports, "This was a really productive event, God provided us with many opportunities to provide a supportive service for the surfers and their families.

A few of the surfers could not take boards on their flight from LA to France because some airlines were refusing to take boards.

So, he got to transport surfboards for surfers from California to France, by train, bus and plane, which opened awesome doors with the surfers over the event.

Additionally he did a bit of filming and caddying for some of the guys which is always a really rewarding service for myself as the chaplain.

Lize connected well with the girls and she has been able to provide support to the families on the tour.

Lize helped look after the surfer’s kids and sat with the nervous wives and girlfriends as their other-halves competed in tricky conditions".

  • Pray for Abe and Lize as they travel on to the next comp at Mundaka, Spain, in coming weeks.


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