quinta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2010

On The Rocks DVD Highlights

'On the Rocks' is a surf evangelism video resource currently being produced by Son Surf South Africa. Imagine a surfer friendly Alpha course style DVD with solid gospel content delivered by surfers for surfers. Last month in Capetown the first of 7 videos had a trial run at a youth outreach concert. Of the 250 largely unsaved guys, some 120 came forward at the end of the appeal given by the DVD.

Gifted evangelist and surfer Terryn Williams delivers the material. Go to www.ontherocksdvd.info to learn more. Our South African brothers need some $USD12,000 to finalise this and have it ready for world distribution. Would you consider being one of the 12 giving $1000 or 24 giving $500 each? We want to see this completed by June 2010! Click here to donate.


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