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The Surf Report #46 - Christian Surfers

ISA World Junior Games New Zealand

Matt Foster reports from the recent Games, "Myself and Mel were official ISA workers and set up, served judges, guarded tents, and helped with security throughout the whole event. We also had a CS tent in the public space where we could be more overt in handing out Surfers Bibles, literature and talk to many, many people. Surfing NZ were very happy with the CS presence and we met many nations, encouraging them and being ambassadors. Stoked!"

Japan Mission to Taiwan

"I never imagined that Japan would become a sending mission nation and am so stoked" says national CS leader David Levey. Seven guys joined to serve the CS contact in Taiwan, Chris Chon, and put on three premiere screenings of the 'Walking on Water' movie, handed out DVD's, surf-coached and made many friends.

Costa Rica
National Leadership Gathering

Cal Fisher reports, "Costa Rica held its first national gathering in January and it is now a full indigenous leadership with 5 chapters in all. Dennis Leon is doing a great job taking over from Coky and we are seeing a national movement being birthed."

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