terça-feira, 29 de novembro de 2011

Changed Life: Andres Rosas

Five years ago a surfer from Lima, Peru named Andres Rosas regularly attended Tablistas Para Cristo (CS) meetings. Andres had given his life to Jesus but was struggling with things of the world and did not have a solid relationship with the Lord. All was seemingly well until he almost lost his life in a car accident coming back from a CS surf trip south of Lima.

Thankfully the Lord was watching over him and he survived, but the accident changed his life. Andres was near death and God spoke to his heart, showing him he had to make a radical commitment to to the Lord. Soon after that Andres was able to open a local restaurant along with some friends, and together they began to speak of Jesus to the poor kids in the area. Thus the Alto Peru chapter of Christian Surfers was born.

During the last few years CS Alto Peru has experienced many challenges, including one of the leaders, Mico's, death as a result of cancer, young people walking away from the Lord, problems, personal conflicts, etc. But God has been good, and has sent people to continue His work. From Friday to Sunday Andres opens his restaurant to prepare delicious Peruvian dishes to his customers, but on Tuesday and Saturday nights the local grommets come together to study and talk about Jesus. Who would have thought, a Christian Surfers restaurant!


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