sábado, 31 de março de 2012

Hawaiian Season

A short-term missions team from Brazil, Peru, the Canary Islands, Australia and Japan joined with North Shore churches for a low key mission to the visiting surfers.

Andy Carruthers from Australia worked with Eric Arakawa and says, "The mission team worked together well, praying each weekday morning at Waimea Bay, then heading out to the surf spots, contests and hangouts to connect with people of their own cultures. We were stoked to see many from the local churches connect with us as well and say how they were inspired to rediscover the world mission opportunity that comes to their shores each winter."

Pecas and Muelas report that they gave out many Spanish and French Surfers Bibles and led a couple of surfers to Christ.

Ken and Satoshi similarly befriended many Japanese exchanging details and passing on gospel material.

Brazilian Sergio and his wife Carly were also inspired, making connections with Brazilians and launching their surf school project to impact the local North Shore area.

We hope to offer a longer term outreach in conjunction with the 2012 International Conference from November 9 to Christmas.

If you have a heart for befriending travelling surfers and sharing the gospel with them and could do it for up to 6 weeks next year please contact us.


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