domingo, 30 de junho de 2013

Brett Davis to Transition as International Director

"As I have reflected on what Jesus has done in our movement, and the hopes we have for the future, I feel it is time for us to prepare for someone else to take on my International Director role.

I have felt like a father to Christian Surfers, but eventually, like all healthy kids, the movement must grow beyond its father figure. If we are to do that, then we need to be renewed and refreshed. Part of this is giving space for the energy that new leaders will bring.

I feel I have taken CSI as far as I can and as I approach 60, the time is coming to hand over. I have not been asked to leave, nor are there any personal conflicts or compromises that would disqualify me.

I am leaving the role, but I am not leaving Christian Surfers. I love this mission and I love the people in it. The board and I have drafted an ongoing role for me as a founder/advisor. All going to plan and with God's hand on a successor, I plan to completely relinquish my role at the 2016 conference.

I am so thankful to Jesus for saving me as an unchurched Aussie surfer. I am thankful for the family of unlikely looking missionaries I have been privileged to share life with. I am thankful for the platform of CS that has allowed me to dream and believe God for impossible things."

Brett Davis, CSI Founder and Director

Marcus Judge the chairman of the board is leading the succession process. There are currently a number of eligible candidates. Watch:

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