segunda-feira, 30 de setembro de 2013

Dave Wassel Vs Bodyboarder

A couple of months Surfing Magazine ran a shot of David Wassel getting dropped in by a lid. It was a perfect 12-foot deep slab that must have been Teahupoo. In fact it wasn’t, just another death defying monster left knows as Sapinas. On the face of the image, It seemed inarguable. One of the world’s premier big wave riders was getting smoked in a position that could easily lead to one, or both, of them dying. The fact the perpetrator was a boogieboarder probably didn’t help matters.


A couple of weeks after that shot was run, Surfing posted a video clip below of Wassel talking about that wave. Now In the clip Wassel is holding two machetes, seemingly caught in a mid tuna filleting session. He is also fairly reasonable, almost joking about the incident. The knives though are a worrying addition. Was it just a coincidence? Was he just gutting some fish and was approached for a chat? Or was it deliberate, a premeditated move to add an extra element of threatening malice?


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