terça-feira, 30 de setembro de 2014


'Surfing For Jesus is Pura Vida' - 'Pure Life' is the translation from this classic Costa Rican saying and the conference was a taste of that! Clearly focused on Jesus with beautiful unity amongst the 220 people from 26 nations of all cultural, socio-economic and Christian backgrounds - a taste of heaven. There was awesome teaching from Britt Merrick, warm waves out front, hilarious cultural presentations, inspiring stories from the field and more. Large crosses with CS-badged logo on garbage bins were erected as a gift to multiple beaches in the area. Special thanks to Dustin Miller and Damian Boza with the amazing Costa Rican team who headed up the whole conference. Stay tuned for the next conference to be held in Australia 2016! Check out photos, reports and audio from the main sessions on our website.

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