quarta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2015


Andres "Chato" Rosas grew up near Lima, the capital city of Peru, and was rebellious from a young age. Falling into a life of substance abuse from the age of 12, things looked grim. Despite many legitimate attempts to get off drugs in his 20's, nothing seemed to work for Chato. One day a friend at the gym told him he should try going to a Christian Surfers meeting, as the friend knew Chato was a surfer. Chato decided to go along to a meeting in May 2003 and gave his life to Jesus then and there. Change didn't come overnight, but he did experience God's love and started surfing with the CS Peru crew and attending regularly. A major car accident caused him to re-evaluate everything in life and after that he began to work with underprivileged children in his local area. It was through serving others that Chato grew in maturity and now runs his own restaurant in Alto Peru that serves the local community. He also leads a Bible study and loves sharing the Word of God with those around him. Read Chato's full story on our website.


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