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CSA NSW Girls Camp (Central & South)

Jodene Watling


Whilst strolling around some local shops with a friend, we came across a handbag shop.
And there on a mirrored wall appeared the story of “The Handbag of Glory” …which went on to explain… “Such was the power of the Handbag of Glory, that ladies wept when they saw it and those who touched it went straight to Heaven.” This amused me no end; because for some of us girls, we understand the virtue of a good handbag!! As a young grom I didn’t care for such finery, adamant that my velcro men’s surf wallet was more than enough for me (girls surf merch didn’t exist back in my day!). Being quite the tomboy, it was ‘soft’ to carry around a pretty purse, let alone a handbag.

They were for kooks!! Then came the day, I progressed from girl-hood to woman-hood & got a handbag for Christmas. It was a black ’pleather’ (leather made from plastic) rectangular shaped, long strapped bag, that had a silver plate with some rather non-significant words typed on it.

A bit squeamish at the thought of breaking rank from my tough hardcore exterior (what a laugh!) & sauntering around with a handbag; I decided to give it a go. It initially felt awkward & fraudulent, but then this overwhelming sense of kinship came between us & thus I have gone from strength to strength in my career with handbags. The emerging theme is that they seem to get bigger, so I can fit more stuff in them! The story of the Handbag of Glory is hilarious. An urban parable of an unsaid phenomenon amongst us female folk.

The funny thing is that although we may have heavenly moments with handbags; my experience in understanding heaven was similar to that of handbags. I thought what I had in life would do. Who needs what you don’t know? I never really cared what ‘heaven’ meant, or how to get there. Hey, I was hardcore right!!?? I personally came to consider the concept of heaven when I thought of my own mortality. My insignificance in this big, big world & my lack of control to prevent fatal situations.

Sounds morbid, but I just had no hope or anything to latch onto, should anything serious go down! There is a story in the bible where a guy quizzically asks Jesus about life beyond &how to get there. Jesus answered “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father (who is in heaven) except through me” (John 14:6). Jesus gave the key, the address & left the front light on. It was Him. He was the way to heaven.

And as much as much as that handbag grew to have functional necessity in my life; so has heaven. I now have a place of hope, safety, assurance & security: & certainty of life beyond the present. No pleather handbag is ever getting me to heaven! ....but I know Jesus is not a fake, when it comes to that!!

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