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Chaplaincy Surfing World Tour: Teahupoo Update

Lize Andrews & Abe Andrews

By: Abe Andrews

Dear Friends,

Just a quick update on the Men's Chaplaincy for the ASP Surfing World Tour Event: Billabong Pro Teahupoo. Well today was the second day of competition after 3 days of no contest due to poor conditions. Today wasn't much of an improvement in conditions however there was a small pulse in swell and short periods of clean waves. However it did make for difficult heats for the surfers and it really did come down to wave selection and been in the right spot.

Insert Surfer Here

The Tower

JJ stoked at the score board

I spent the day with a few surfers just mainly caddying and encouraging them. Two of the surfers I was with got knocked out of their heats and that is sometimes difficult for these guys to take. However, I was able to give them a bit of support and encouragement desipite their loss.

Celebrate Crook Waves

Bottle Snap

In between competition days I have been spending alot of time with the surfers. We have been surfing and sharing some meals together. This always makes for some good conversations. I have found by hanging out with the surfers that they are becoming more open and trusting of me.

The Boys Getting Ready


Not always Perfect

It has been awesome to see that God is using this role to really bring the surfers closer to Him. I had the oppertunity to pray with a surfer after he spoke to me about some issues and things he has been dealing with. I believe the Lord is prompting me to just keep myself open and available to the surfers and He will open the right doors.

Hobgoods and Co Ferries

Harbour Panorama

So continue praying for me while I'm here and keep these surfers close in your prayers.

Thank you and God Bless

Abe Andrews

Men's Surfing World Tour Chaplain -
ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals)
Mission Coordinator - Gold Coast Christian Surfers


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