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The 2010 Chilean Earthquake

Mitch Anderson has been a YWAM missionary in the surf capital Pichilemu for some 20 years. However, in all those years no major tragedy has compared to the recent earthquake.

"This quake was a once in a lifetime, at least 1,000 times more intense that Haiti and with over 500 aftershocks since. People are stressed and thousands still displaced. We have had up to 400 on our base. This is a great opportunity to show the love of Christ in this key surfing community."

Chile's earthquake was far more powerful than the one in Haiti and has sent strong waves prompting tsunami warnings in the Pacific.

Mitch Anderson with his Family

Mitch has partnered with 'Homes of Hope' and can build an emergancy home for $US2,500 or standard for $US4,000. There is also the need for nail guns, saws and equipment in the house-framing factory he is building. Tradesmen of all kinds, as well as labourers, are desperately needed.

"Winter is cold and wet here, we have identified around 300 families that need a home and I am drawing on both the church and surfing community to help." Visit their website

En todo el mundo es sabido que en Chile la madrugada del sábado 27 de Febrero, a las 3.36 a.m. , un terrible terremoto de 8.8 grados en la escala Richter seguido de un tsunami, que afectaron trágicamente a muchas ciudades del sur de Chile.

Informaciones sobre el Terremoto de Chile 2010


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