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The Surf Report #50

On behalf of the CSI office and our global family we want to say thanks for your interest and support and have a blessed New Year, remembering Jesus in the midst of the commercial mayhem! May 2011 see even more of God's Kingdom come to the world surfing community!

ASP Chaplain Support

In early November, the surfing world was rocked with the news of Andy Irons' death. Thankfully, CS had already set up the chaplaincy ministry and it is times such as this the chaplain is suddenly sought after. Abe Andrews was at the Puerto Rico event with the surfers at the time and reports an emotionally draining but fulfilling time as he helped organise the memorial paddle out and counsel many of Andy's friends. Similarly, Andy Carruthers was present as chaplain in Hawaii for the ASP World Longboard Championships and Liselle Wilsnaugh was still in attendace in Puerto Rico with the ASP Women's World Tour surfers.

Foundations Training

Foundations for leadership are just so...foundational! The CS Foundations Training material was worked through recently in New Zealand with Alan Vink, Foz, Mel Clark, BD and Gill delivering material to 6 key potential trainers in Raglan. In the UK a similar course has also just been run for leaders from Spain, Holland, the UK and Switzerland. Australia has appointed Dave Lovell to champion the training to be rolled out Australia wide. Ask your national leader for opportunities in your country.

Soul Surfer

In the works for some time already, a full-length movie of Bethany Hamilton's story will be hitting the big screens next April. Released by Sony Pictures and starring Dennis Quaid, Helen Hunt and Carrie Underwood, this will be one of the biggest surf movie releases ever. CSI is in talks with Bethany's management and Sony to put together tracts featuring Bethany's testimony to distribute throughout groups worldwide and share the gospel with surfers during it's release. Keep in mind how you can be praying for and promoting this movie in your community. Visit Bethany's website to keep up with the movie' progress.

ISA World Games Outreach - Peru

The Peru CS team provided an amazing hospitality and servanthood ministry at the recent ISA World Games with 10 key volunteers working hard setting up, serving food, assisting staff and John Chuman was even appointed as the chaplain. They passed out 500 copies of the new giveaway version of the Walking on Water film through 30 nations, plus others and the contests organisers gave CS a massive thanks in the closing ceremony. Sergio became the spontaneous chaplain of the national Brazil team and reports that this event has opened Brazil wide for chaplaincy at every level.

Chilean Mission Trip

Another two houses were built through Homes for Hope by an Aussie team assisted by CS. In February, more homes will be built, a surf contest run and a surf camp with the next CS missions team from Australia heading there, along with members from Brazil. This is all laying foundations for a CS work to set up in Chile. Contact BD on brett@christiansurfers.net for details.

Taiwan CS First Contest

Chris Chon reports, "I was really nervous when preparing because I had never done anything like this before. I wasn't sure if people would show up or if we even have waves. The Lord was very faithful and we had 51 surfers sign up and the first day of good weather and waves after three weeks of unsurfable conditions. I was a judge along with three other Taiwanese guys. Before the start of the contest I was able to share about CS and we had a ton of fun cheering our friends on in each heat, serving hot drinks and hanging out. At the end of the contest we had a BBQ in one of the surf shops. I was able to share a short message of the God of the waves before we did our prize ceremony. Pray for leaders and breakthroughs."

Walking on Water Giveaway DVD

Bryan Jennings has requested that WOW partner with CS globally to distribute the 'Walking on Water' giveaway DVD to every core surfer on the planet! In 15 languages, with Spanish dubbing, the CSI and CSUS promo trailers and an episode of 'On The Rocks', this has to be one of the greatest surf resources we have ever had! USD$1 per copy, order through Walking on Water or ask your national leader about how to get hundreds printed in your nation.

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