quinta-feira, 12 de março de 2009

Chaplaincy at World Championship Tour Events

A Prayer Request from Brett Davis

International Director of Christian Surfers International

Following on with some months of negotiations, the Association of Surfing Professionals has agreed to approve a chaplain to the World Championship Tour and beyond, beginning with a trial run at Quiksilver Pro in Qld and Bells beach event in Vic 08. We have had a great amount of favor for this to happen.

Whilst Christian Surfers International has brokered this arrangement based on CSI’s long history in surf ministry, CS believes they can’t tackle this alone.

CSI has a worldwide network of men who all have some history as surfing pastors with connections with CS.

CSI & their partners are now committed to a process of recruiting for an international coordinator for this role, who would be the ASP chaplain. For these initial two events we are pursuing a trial chaplain to give us some more time- this may be Steve Bligh- or another suitably qualified surfing pastor. This is a temporary role for 4 weeks, on top of their existing local mission responsibilities.

The ministry description & strategic plans are works in progress.

We seek your advice and support in this. There is only one opportunity to make a first time good impression so getting the right person, God’s person, is VITAL. In time this will be a team of people.

God bless you for your prayerful consideration of this.

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