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The Surf Report #42: Chaplaincy Update, Taiwan, Americas Conference, Europe Conference, ISA World Games, Mexico Contest Outreach

Chaplaincy Update

The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) approved chaplaincy to be part of its structure after our one-year trial in which 18 chaplains were mobilized to over 30 events. In addition, a men's world tour chaplain, Abe Andrews, and a women's world tour chaplain, Liselle Wilsnagh, were appointed and presented to the Surfers. Abe is 27 married, been a high school chaplain, current gold coast CS mission leaders and member of Beachside Surf Church. Liselle is 31, single, South African, a professional singer, has been in CS 15 years, and is currently worship leader in Goleta Vineyard Church, Santa Barbara, USA. Pray for them as they serve at their next event in Tahiti. Regional chaplains are being sought with Lyle Castellaw for North America, Mike Stangel for Hawaii, and Andy Pitt for Africa already in place. Contact your CSI Regional Coordinator for more information. Contact us if you wish to join a chaplain's support team. Click here and note 'Chapliancy' in the comments to donate to chaplaincy to help Liz and Abe pioneer this new work.

CS Australia National Gathering

just celebrated their 24th National Conference over Easter, rebranding it a 'gathering' to reflect it's grass roots down in Port Campbell, Victoria. 175 leaders and families turned up and Lena Johnstone spoke on 'Love one another and the world will know you are my disciples.' Awesome waves, weather, company and vision under a big top tent!

Asia Regional Coordinator Ric visited new contacts in Taiwan and discovered a booming surf culture. With a YWAM missionary and former CSNZ couple a new mission is poised to launch - Chinese surf mission!

Walking on Water
WOW have partnered with CSI to roll out a world tour premiering their new film hoping to line up with world pro tour with destinations in Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Japan, Taiwan, South Africa, Europe and more all planned. Contact WOW to join the tour.

Americas Conference
El Salvador hosts Americas conference July 23-27 for both North & South American surf mission leaders, all welcome. Contact Cal Fisher for more info.

Europe Conference
June 5-7 are the dates for key European surf ministry leaders in Hossegor, France. Contact Phil Williams to see if you are eligible to attend. Limited to key leaders and contacts.

ISA World Games
Costa Rica hosts the world ISA surfing games. New National Director Cokey has already been appointed chaplain of their national team and is seeking a global team to practice hospitality to the games via a CS stall. Cost $US1500 pp for 2 weeks inclusive and covers stall costs. Contact Cokey on If you would like to help finance a Christian presence at the ISA games: $1500 stall fee, $500 stickers, $1000 Surfers Bibles, $2000 food and drinks. Click here to donate and note 'ISA World Games Outreach' in the comments.

Mexico Contest Outreach

CS Mexico have a national contest coming to Puerto Escondido May 14-17. They have volunteered to help at this event by taking care of the beach cleanups. The organisers want to make it an eco-friendly event so CS will provide 8 sets of 3 bins in key locations along the beach area. One bin for plastics, one for organic materials, and one bin for non-organic rubbish. Each bin costs $30; each set will cost $90. All 24 will cost a total of $720. CS Mexico would like to provide these bins but don't have sufficient funds to do so. In each bin location they will be able to advertise CS and speak about Jesus. If you would like to contribute please click here and note 'CS Mexico Outreach' in comments, or US donors contact Cal Fisher.


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