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ASP chaplaincy project

The ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) chaplaincy project has been progressing very well and a number of key initiatives have been realised.

Abe Andrews (Men's Tour Chaplain) had a big year setting into his role and wrote from South Africa, "I have spent the past two days at the contest in freezing conditions supporting the surfers in whatever capacity I can. I guess sometimes the World Tour family feels like a tribe and I am the explorer, or outsider hoping to be accepted into the tribe. I just hope my fate is not like some early explorers who got eaten by the tribe."

Liselle Wilsnaugh has also made steady progress in her role as (Women's Tour Chaplain) and writes from Portugal, "It's been a pretty amazing few days as far as the chaplaincy is concerned... I got loads of time to chat to some of the surfers and their families. After my experiences at the previous two contests, God blessed me by giving me loads of favour with everyone. They all greeted me and actually seemed to be okay with me being there. I was able to have really good conversations with a bunch of the girls and their families and friends. It definitely felt like the prayes had kicked in."

Establishing a key chaplain for each ASP region was also a high priority in 2009. Currently Mike Stangel is looking after Hawaii, Lyle Castellaw, North America and Andy Pitt, South Africa. They have been developing event chaplains, building relationships with ASP Staff and providing essential support for Abe and Liselle when travelling in their region.

Mike Stangel comments on the upcoming Hawaiian Triple Crown "I was blown away by the open doors I received as chaplain last year. Randy Rarick has appointed a guy from our church as his successor to develop the pro events so we anticipate even better reception this year."

The Randy Rarick Story

CSI is seeking chaplaincy coordinators for the remaining ASP regions of Australasia , Europe, Japan and South America. Christian Surfers International is continuing to progress chaplaincy as a key initiative globally and along with the service for ASP are also looking into how we can support the ISA in a similar capacity.

Brad Whittaker who pioneered the project in 2008 has continued in a coordination role for the team this year. In addition he has also covered key events in Australasia pending the appointment of a suitable regional chaplains.

If you are interested in supporting our current chaplains or even being a chaplain, Brad will be happy to field your questions and interest.

Contact Brad Whittaker

Email: bradwhittaker@optusnet.com.au


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